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2020-10-doc3 On insolvency books and other sources


On my website you will find a reference to ‘foundation’, see It will bring you to a Dutch legal foundation carrying my name (‘Stichting Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection’), with the aim to promote the interest and knowledge of international and comparative restructuring and insolvency law. For Dutch tax purposes it is acknowledged as a charitable organisation (ANBI).

The foundations’ board consists of prof. Matthias Haentjens and prof. Reinout Vriesendorp (acting as Chairman and secretary/treasury respectively, both of Leiden University), prof. Eric Dirix (Belgium), Dr Paul Omar (England) and prof. Stephan Madaus (Germany). The foundation acquired the larger part of my private collection of books and other media in the field of national and international insolvency law, concluded an agreement regarding the custody and management of this unique collection with Leiden University.

A substantial part of the collection now can be traced via the Law Library of the Leiden Law School,,contains,bob%20wessels%20collection,AND&tab=all_content&search_scope=All_Content&vid=UBL_V1&lang=en_US&mode=advanced&offset=0. Several of my own publications (see for a rather full overview can be traced or viewed through this Leiden University site.

I am truly grateful to all who have contributed to the catalogue’s establishment, with my personal hope that it indeed may assist researchers from everywhere in their activities.