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2021-07-doc10 Rembrandt’s Money (forthcoming) – wysiwyg (and opposite)

It pleases me greatly to have received several enthousiast reactions on my blog of two weeks ago, announcing the publication of my new book ‘Rembrandt’s Money’. The legal and financial life of an artist-entrepreneur in 17th century Holland, forthcoming in November 2021. See https://bobwessels.nl/blog/2021-07-doc6-rembrandts-money-forthcoming/. Let me now give you a peek on what the book covers and what it does not.… Read More »2021-07-doc10 Rembrandt’s Money (forthcoming) – wysiwyg (and opposite)

2021-07-doc6 Rembrandt’s Money (forthcoming)

The idea. Over three years ago I announced my intention to write about the legal and financial problems that the famous Dutch artist Rembrandt (1606-1669) encountered during his life. See https://bobwessels.nl/blog/2017-11-05-rembrandt/. Since the early 1980s I have written book, but this one promised to be very special, a legal-historic case study into a time so different than ours. Legal rules… Read More »2021-07-doc6 Rembrandt’s Money (forthcoming)

2021-07-doc3 Welcome to Dutch Restructuring Association

The Netherlands, today, saw the launch of the Dutch Restructuring Association, or in Dutch  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Herstructurering. It aims at continuing quality in work and services by the profession, including all professionals (lawyers and non-lawyers alike) in strong relatioship with the international restructuring community. The press release says: The Dutch Restructuring Association (“DRA”) brings together a broad global group… Read More »2021-07-doc3 Welcome to Dutch Restructuring Association

2021-07-doc1 15 July free webinar – Impact of Business rescue study

With its 10th year anniversary, the European Law Institute (ELI) invites you to join a free webinar entitled ‘ELI at 10: Rescue of Business in Europe – the Impacts of ELI’s Work’. The webinar will take place on 15 July 2021 from 18:30–19:45 (CET). You can join us via https://bit.ly/3waE5JJ. As a co-reporter of the ELI study I can refer… Read More »2021-07-doc1 15 July free webinar – Impact of Business rescue study

2021-06-doc1 Business, PIL and EU

The book Business and private international law in the EU, shortly reviewed here, is an introductory textbook for students interested in cross-border business activities. In some circles the theme of private international law (PIL) is also referred to as international private law or conflicts of laws. The publication (some 150 pages with a short index) consists of seven chapters, in… Read More »2021-06-doc1 Business, PIL and EU

2021-05-doc2 Cross-border insolvency protocols

Cross-Border Protocols in Insolvencies of Multinational Enterprise Groups, is the title of my new book written together with my Leiden colleague Ilya Kokorin. In May 2021 it has been published by Edward Elgar Publishing in the series Elgar Corporate and Insolvency Law and Practice. Cross-border insolvency protocols were an intriguing new development in the early days in my practice. Later,… Read More »2021-05-doc2 Cross-border insolvency protocols

2021-05-doc1 Impact of Restructuring Reseach

European restructuring research https://youtu.be/8E6ZCOAgctA Text accompanying my YouTube video Over 3,5 years ago, my German colleague Stephan Madaus and I published our report on ‘Rescue of Business in Europe’ for the European Law Institute (ELI). The Report contains over 100 recommendations on a variety of themes affected by the rescue of financially distressed but in its core viable businesses. The… Read More »2021-05-doc1 Impact of Restructuring Reseach

2021-04-doc2 Multinational Enterprises and the Law – 3rd ed. by Muchlinski

Recently, the third edition of Multinational Enterprises and the Law was published. It is the seminal work of Peter T. Muchlinski, Emeritus Professor in International Commercial Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. The first edition was published more than a quarter of a century ago – in 1995 (Wiley-Blackwell, 648 pages), the second… Read More »2021-04-doc2 Multinational Enterprises and the Law – 3rd ed. by Muchlinski

2021-03-doc5 First book on European preventive restructuring

In 2011, in a European publication, I wrote ‘The H-word is out!’. Certain words in conversation (between insolvency experts) were surely not to be used 10 years ago. One of them was, indeed, ‘harmonisation’. There were zillion obstacles against the idea that insolvency national legal systems can be harmonised. It was a typically political Pavlov reaction. Harmonisation of insolvency laws… Read More »2021-03-doc5 First book on European preventive restructuring