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List of publications in Dutch and English. Listed for personal interest, following simply the date of its publication.

You can find another (shorter) list of publications from 2000-present day here:

In 2016 the physical hard copy books, reports, articles etc. were all donated to a Foundation, called Stichting Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection, a Dutch legal foundation acknowledged as charitable organisation, which in turn has given a large part of all these books etc. to the library of the University of Leiden. (See: Opening of the ‘Bob Wessels Collection’.)

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Wessels Insolventierecht

I am the single author of Wessels Insolventierecht (Wessels Insolvency Law), a 10 Volume series in Dutch, which started in 1999 and presently, between 2018 and 2022, is in its 5th edition.

  • I. Adjudication of Bankruptcy – Faillietverklaring
  • II. Consequences of insolvency, Part I – Gevolgen van faillietverklaring (1)
  • III. Consequences of insolvency, Part II – Gevolgen van faillietverklaring (2)
  • IV. Governance of the Estate – Bestuur en beheer na faillietverklaring
  • V. Allowances of Claims – Verificatie van schuldvorderingen
  • VI. Composition, Private Arrangements – Het akkoord
  • VII. Winding up the estate – Vereffening van de boedel
  • VIII. Postponement of payments, Legal moratorium – Surseance van betaling
  • IX. Debt Rescheduling Natural Persons – Schuldsaneringsregeling natuurlijke personen
  • X. International Insolvency Law – Internationaal insolventierecht

Books from this series (and a number of other publications) can be bought online from the Wolters Kluwer webshop.