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2019-12-doc2 Looking for Rembrandt on Dutch TV

Early this year I reported the transmission on English TV of the documentary ‘Looking for Rembrandt‘. It contains a programma, with three separate films of 60 minutes, see blog/2019-03-doc13-looking-for-rembrandt.

The third programme contains some lines of an interview I gave (in September 2018) regarding Rembrandt’s financial troubles. Simply because it only came to my attention just a few days ago, I missed it that the programme has been transmitted on Dutch national television, in the first two weeks in December 2019. See pers.ntr.nl/programma/op_zoek_naar_rembrandt.

The documentary is in English, with subtitles in Dutch. It has been translated very literary: ‘Op zoek naar Rembrandt’. (www.npostart.nl)

In the third programme, rather puzzling to me, I am introduced as ‘advocaat faillissementsrecht’, which is something like ‘attorney-at-law bankruptcy law’, which is a very honourable function, of course, but a clear misrepresentation.