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2019-03-doc13 Looking for Rembrandt

In September last year I reported about my research into the bankruptcy (cessio bonorum) of Rembrandt. In the Netherlands, Rembrandt is hot as this year it is 350 years that he passed away. Also abroad there is interest and I was interviewed last year for a BBC programme. See blog/2018-09-doc3-the-bankruptcy-of-rembrandt-interview-bbc.

Rembrandt (1606-1669) lived from 1606 till around 1631 in Leiden and the rest of his life in Amsterdam. His wife Saskia died in 1642, which was also the year for presenting his famous Night Watch (Nachtwacht). I just heard that the programma now has been fully edited (by Matchlight Ltd) and will be on TV as Looking for Rembrandt.

It will broadcast in the UK on BBC Four on 9th April at 9pm, with episodes 2 and 3 weekly after that. My interview appears in the third and final episode, which makes sense as Rembrandt went bankrupt in 1956 (being 50 years of age). I was also informed that Looking for Rembrandt is due to broadcast in the Netherlands on NPO soon afterwards, likely to be in May.

I am excited to see the whole series to get an idea of the tone and of course get impressions of Rembrandt’s whole life. Travelling through the master’s 17th century, do we get to understand his legal dealings better? That’s the query for my research.