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2018-09-doc3 The ‘bankruptcy’ of Rembrandt – interview BBC

In Autumn 2017, I started my research into the financial distress of Dutch Golden Age painter Rembrandt. More specifically I am interested in the cessio bonorum proceedings, which started in 1656. See blog/2017-11-05-rembrandt. The BBC intends to broadcast a 3 times 60 minutes programme and it was with great pleasure that I was interviewed yesterday by Tim Niel and his… Read More »2018-09-doc3 The ‘bankruptcy’ of Rembrandt – interview BBC


After having published two books in my series Insolvency Law (Wessels Insolventierecht) and a large report for the European Law Institute on Business rescue in insolvency law (with my German colleague Stephan Madaus) this year, I head to something (not completely) different, the well-known Dutch painter Rembrandt (or: Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)). Rembrandt? Evidently, his paintings and etchings are admired… Read More »2017-11-doc5-Rembrandt