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2018-12-doc5 ELI project Business Rescue in Insolvency Law – Slowly closing the curtains


With prof. Stephan Madaus, and assisted by Gert-Jan Boon, LL.M MSc, now a PhD in Leiden, we delivered in September 2017 the ELI Report on Business Rescue in Insolvency. See blog/2017-09-doc3-eli-business-rescue-report-published.

As from the moment of the spark of the first ideas until now (closing our research files) we worked for 5,5 years. Including members of committees and boards within ELI, the ELI staff, the national correspondents and our Advisory Group, some 100 persons from around 20 jurisdictions have been involved. Stephan and I wrote two or three larger articles after the report’s publication in September 2017; we’ve had until now 387 downloads for the report (on ssrn; downloads from the ELI are not counted); the last 14 months we’ve been presenting and discussing our report in several places all over Europe, including 5 weeks ago in Lisbon, 2 weeks ago in Leiden, and this week in Vienna, in an event together with members of Working Group V (Insolvency Law) of UNCITRAL.

Want to know more? Just type ‘rescue’ on my blog with as a result 151 sources, around half of them, I think, related to the ELI project. The coming six months Oxford University Press is preparing, with ELI, an over 1000 pages book. New horizons forcast lights on new research projects, new colleagues will join in, new articles and books will be published, fine friendships will evolve in new ones.

I will carry the ELI project in my heart as a true joint effort to get the best out of ourselves; we were continuously in a flow, they say today. I will carry it also into future research, especially with regard to the Directive of preventive restucturing (most probably) to come, most visable in my (Dutch) series on Insolvency Law. Thank everyone for this great journey, and if I can assist anyone by taken your future steps, let me hear.