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2016-08-doc2 Full text CoCo Guidelines


During the INSOL International Global Practice course (first module 7-9 November 2916, London) I will discuss the theme of cross-border communication and cooperation in insolvency cases.

As an aid in practice, in 2007 the European Communication and Cooperation Guidelines For Cross-Border Insolvency (‘CoCo Guidelines’) were drafted by prof. Miguel Virgós (Madrid) and myself, assisted by many others, including judges and academics from North-America and Europe and members of INSOL Europe.

The drafters aim was to provide some substantial and procedural guidance to those practitioners, struggling to communicate and coordinate main and secondary insolvency proceedings in the context of the EU Insolvency Regulation.

As the text of the full Guidelines are not easy to find, please find them attached. coco-text-october-2007.pdf