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2021-12-doc5 Dordrecht history – Part I

What does Dordrecht mean to you? And how would you imagine the feeling of your city? In the fourth quarter of 2021, in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, 36 artists were asked this question, to which they responded. Subsequently, their works were exhibited. For me, that feeling is evoked by the water, the architecture and often the beauty of the silence. And of course the light, you may know the paintings by Albert Cuyp, about which there is a beautiful exhibition in the Dordrechts Museum until March 2022.

I have lived and worked over 30 years in Dordrecht and I also asked myself that question. With three short videos I give the beginning of an answer. I see Dordrecht from a broader historic perspective. Since some 800 year the economic development of the city in trade and shipping, in the 17th century its meaning for the present organization of the state of the Netherlands and the expansion of its own religious beliefs. These videos will be published on my YouTube channel, in December 2021. This is the first one (out of three) Meet video creator Jan Wind at