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2017-09-doc10 Launch of Asian Principles of Restructuring Project


Established in 2016, the Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI) is an Institute based in Singapore. ABLI initiates, conducts and facilitates research and produces authoritative texts with a view to providing practical guidance in the field of Asian legal development and promoting the convergence of Asian business laws.

In August 2017, ABLI in close cooperation with the International Insolvency Institute (III, see launched a joint project between ABLI and III, titled the Asian Principles of Restructuring. In summary the Project involves the formulation of principles of restructuring, both in and out of court. It is hoped that the principles will advance the convergence of philosophies and approaches to restructurings and the management of insolvencies in Asia, serving as a key reference tool for all stakeholders in Asia. Over the longer term, this will facilitate convergence of Asian insolvency laws.

The Project involves two phases with a timeframe of two years. The first phase is a mapping exercise of the business reorganization regimes in select Asian jurisdictions. The second phase will involve an examination of the output of the mapping exercise to identify the areas of similarity and formulate principles for court-based and out of court restructuring that will be uniquely tailored to Asia. I am delighted to have been asked as a member of the Advisory Committee which will provide supervision and guidance to the Project.

For more info on the project, see the website