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2017-01-doc12 Int’l Insolvency Law Bibliography 2017

Pleased to share this invitation. Since November 2016 I am writing the 4th edition of my book Wessels International Insolvency Law: Part II European Insolvency Law. The first part of this edition: International Insolvency Law: Part I Global Perspectives on Cross-Border Insolvency Law has already been published at the end of 2015. See and see blog/2016-02-doc11-4th-ed-intl-insolvency-law-part-i.

The core of Part II European Insolvency Law, evidently, will be a detailed commentary of the recast of the EU Insolvency Regulation (EIR 2015) which will come into legal effect on 26 June 2017. I am envisaging a writing period – in between other activities – that will last till (and probably including) April 2017.

With this Part II of the book, the publisher (Wolters Kluwer, Deventer, The Netherlands) and I introduce what I think is a new working method. It is provisionally called ‘participatory writing’, in which the targeted group of readers/users of my book can participate in the writing process. Further to my invitation, see my next blog 2017-01-doc13, to be posted within 24 hours.

Today I am posting my International Insolvency Law Bibliography, which contains the literature sources to which I am refering to in the draft text of the book. Looking forward to your input. international-insolvency-bibliography-2017.pdf