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2007-02-04 Wessels Insolventierecht Deel VI Het Akkoord verschenen

[New: Wessels Insolvency Law - Dutch series - Composition and Private Arrangement] Onder verwijzing naar dit weblog, 2007-01-doc1: Het akkoord is deze week verschenen.

2007-02-doc3 Discussion with Look Chan Ho

On my weblog, 2007-01-do13, I posted a brief review of the book of Look Chan Ho (ed.), Cross-Border Insolvency, 2006. The editor replied and made three comments on the sentence, that Article 25 UNCITRAL Model Law ‘does not apply to the former Common Wealth countries, in which relationships Section 426 still applies.’ His comments (in my words) are three of a kind: 1. Most of the countries to which section 426 applies are Commonwealth countries, not "former" Commonwealth countries, whereas some have never been Commonwealth countries. 2. Article 25 does apply to all the countries covered by section 426. The Model Law and section 426 apply in parallel. 3. The statement seems to suggest that section 426 mandates cooperation, whereas Article 25 is merely discretionary. This is not case though, because like Article 25, section 426 is also discretionary. My brief reaction: 1. Indeed the expression is not accurate; the expression used meant to indicate ‘relevant’ countries as stated in Section 426, subsection 11, being ‘any of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man’ or (under (b)) ‘any country or territory designated for the purpose of this section by the Secretary of State by order made by statutory instrument’. Until today orders have been issued, concerning twenty countries, amongst which are Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa (see Fletcher (2005), 4.06). In continental jargon sometimes ‘former British Empire’ or the group of cricket loving nations.

2007-02-doc6 District Court Munich 5 February 2007 re BenQ Holding B.V.

See for the earlier decision of the District Court of Amsterdam, this weblog, 2007-02-doc2. Now secondary proceedings are pending in Munich.district-court-munich-05-02-2007.pdf

2007-02-doc7 Cursus Opstellen contracten 28 maart 2007

Met Mr. Van Wechem verzorg ik op 28maart a.s. de cursus voor de praktijk over Opstellen en beoordelen van contracten. Zie voor het programma28-maart-2007-opstellen-en-beoordelen-van-contracten1.pdf

2007-02-08 Seminar vernieuwd faillissementsrecht op 7 juni 2007

Op 7 juni a.s. wordt een seminar gewijd aan (te verwachten) vernieuwingen in het faillissementsrecht. Ik ben dagvoorzitter en spreker7-juni-2007-modernisering-van-van-de-faillissmentswetgeving31.pdf