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2007-04-doc3 Impressions from Romania

13 and 14 April 2007, I participated in a conference 'International Business Law 2007' in Bucharest, Romania. It was organised by professor Gheorghe Piperea of the University of Bucharest. Included where general themes of corporate law (including corporate governace) and insolvency law, with speakers from Romania's Universities in Constanţa, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest and practitioners. Professors from Germany and France were invited to present domestic and comparative insights. My contribution concerned suggestions to improve the operation of the EU Insolvency Regulation. These contributions will be published in 'Revista română de Drept al afacerilor', Romanian Business Law Review, with articles and case law. The articles contain English summaries. The review is published by Wolters Kluwer Romania. An important moment was the presentation to professor Ion Tucu, of his book Tratat de insolvenţă, published by C.H. Beck. The presentations, the Review and Turcu's book demonstrate the strong influence of French general commercial and insolvency law, which in turn makes several concepts rather easy to understand for civil code educated lawyers. Foreign advisors have assisted in drafting or revising corporate legislation, to make Romanian corporate law compatible to EU law standards. During the conference it was discussed that Romania is aiming to revise and amend its insolvency law for the sixth time since 1995. Countries in transition are indeed struggling to get their insolvency laws into the right balance. Countries claiming to have such an insolvency system should not be hesitant to offer assistence in the drafting process as well as in educating judges and insolvency practitioners in making these rules work in day to day practice.

2007-04-doc4 Amendments to Annexes of EU Insolvency Regulation

Under 2007-01-doc16 a consolidated version of the Insolvency Regulation and its 3 Annexes can be accessed. At the request of the Czech Republic the European Commission has published a proposal to amend the Annexes. The renewed domestic insolvency law will contain a uniform insolvency proceeding and I understand that it will enter into force January 1, 2008. See for the Committee's proposal the attachment.com2007_0070en01.pdf

2007-04-doc5 Books in English

Traveling around the world and speaking on topics of international and comparative insolvency law several times results in requests as to where my books can by ordered. Here is a list with titles and ISBN numbers to facilitate this proces.books-in-english.pdf

2007-04-doc2 Benadeling van schuldeisers: een overzicht

[Detriment to creditors' rights] Concept voor een artikel dat wordt geplaatst in Maandblad voor Vermogensrecht, april 2007. 2007-maart- benadeling-van-schuldeisers.pdf

2007-04-doc1 Arbeidsrechtelijke themata

[Themes on Employment Law] Bij Boom Juridische Uitgevers, Den Haag, verscheen eind vorig jaar de tweede druk van ‘Arbeidsrechtelijke themata’, geschreven door C.J. Loonstra en W.A. Zondag, hoogleraren arbeidsrecht/sociaal recht in Rotterdam respectievelijk Groningen. Zie voor een korte beschouwing van dit lijvige, maar zeer verdienstelijke boek, vooral opgetekend vanuit een vermogensrechtelijk perspectief, het hier geplaatste document.arbeidsrechtelijke-themata.pdf