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2017-05-doc8 European Insolvency developments discussed in Trier

The Academy of European Law, together with the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe meets on 8-9 June 2017 during a conference 'Insolvency Proceedings within the EU: Latest Developments'. Some ten speakers will discuss the Recast Insolvency Regulation, the November 2016 proposal for a Directive on insolvency, restructuring and second chance, and exchange ideas about 'Brexit and insolvency'. For further information see For the programme, see ERA_117D22_E

2017-05-doc7 EU Bank Insolvency Law - new book

Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law series includes a new publication: New Bank Insolvency Law for China and Europe, Volume 2: European Union. It's over 200 pages and has been written by prof. Matthias Haentjens, Lynette Janssen, PhD candidate and myself, all from Leiden Law School. The current volume provides a comprehensive analysis of the current EU bank insolvency framework, discusses future developments in the field of EU bank insolvency law, and investigates relevant Dutch, German and English rules and practice. Its chapters contain an overview of European bank insolvency law and its institutional framework, (normal) insolvency proceedings for banks, management of the institution, bail-in, effects on contracts, judicial review, and more specialised topics, such as deposit guarantee schemes, cross-border banking groups and recognition of resolutions measures, and towards an effective cross-border bank resolution framework. This research has been made possible with a grant from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in the context of its China Exchange Programme. Researchers of the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), and Leiden Law School's Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law have addressed the question: how best to achieve a modernized bank insolvency regime for China and the EU? The series takes into account some of the most important developments in international restructuring and insolvency law. The volumes on 'New Bank Insolvency Law for China and Europe' therefore present a valuable resource for academics, practitioners and policymakers, and a timely contribution to scholarly and practical discussions about the development of rules that govern the recovery and resolution of banks. See

2017-05-doc6 ILF St Petersburg

At the moment Saint Petersburg is hosting the International Legal Forum (ILF), the biggest legal event in Russia. Last year it featured over 70 roundtables, conferences and general debates and attracted 3700 participants, representing 77 countries and 77,000 online viewers in 58 countries joined as well. In 2017, ILF contains a separate program concerning insolvency. See for the agenda for all days of ILF ( – insolvency track is starting Thursday 18 May. You can look at the time for the session of your interest and then at the indicated time (please note that it is Moscow time) go to “Forum 2017” at the top and then to “Broadcast”. There you can join for free and without any registration. For instance, on Thursday ILF will feature the theme of Directors liability in insolvency (14:00 Dutch time), Criminal aspects of insolvency (15:25 Dutch time), Consumer insolvency (16:50 Dutch time). Tomorrow (19 May 2017) there will be a large session on Cross-border insolvency with among others Sidney Brooks (Chief Bankruptcy Judge (retired) at U.S. Bankruptcy Court) and Adolfo Rouillon (Judge (Retired), Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals, Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina) and others at 8:30 (Dutch time) and part II at 9:45 Dutch time. Other sessions that might be of particular interest are The anatomy of a successful insolvency case: how to save a troubled business? (10:55 Dutch time) or Insolvency of financial institutions at 14:55 (Dutch time).

2017-05-doc5 Corporate Finance Lab

Your entree into the legal aspects of (Belgian and international) corporate finance and insolvency is the Corporate Finance Lab, see for an overview of six month output

2017-05-doc4 Insolvency registers in the EU

Under the new Insolvency Regulation Member States will be required to publish relevant information on cross-border insolvency cases in a publicly accessible electronic register. The aim is to improve in the EU the provision of information to relevant creditors and courts, and to prevent the opening of parallel insolvency proceedings. Furthermore, in order to facilitate access to that information for creditors and courts domiciled or located in other Member States, the new regulation provides for the interconnection of such insolvency registers via the European e-Justice Portal. In March 2017 my column in GRR touched upon the subject. See 2017-05-08 Wessels - Insolvency registers