Bob Wessels

Key data Bob Wessels 

  • Independent legal counsel and advisor.
  • Professor of International Insolvency Law, University of Leiden, since 2007
  • Professor of Civil Law and Commercial Law at the Vrije University Amsterdam (1988 – 2008).
  • Counsel for (the predecessors of) Holland Van Gijzen Attorneys and Civil Law Notaries since 1991, partner for the same from 1993. Retired as partner at the end of 2005.
  • As of 2003 visiting Professor (international insolvency law) at universities in Frankfurt, Pretoria, New York and Riga.
  • Deputy Justice at the Court of Appeal in The Hague (since 1987).
  • Ph.D. 1988 entitled ‘Natural obligations. Civil law and Tax Law views concerning legally non-enforceable obligations’ / ‘Natuurlijke verbintenissen. Civiel- en fiscaalrechtelijke beschouwingen over rechtens niet-afdwingbare verbintenissen‘.
  • 1978 – 1988 lecturer / assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Vrije University, Amsterdam.
  • 1974 – 1977 In house legal counsel.
  • Master of law (1974, Dutch law; 1977, Notarial law).

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