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2013-07-doc6 Business rescue consultation

July 5, the European Commission opened a public consultation on the theme of the best approach to business rescue. See2013-07-05 Consultation

2013-07-doc7 Cross-border judicial cooperation

See the post 2013-06-doc4, in which I describe the project the draft EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court Cooperation Guidelines. These should based on the foundation of het independency of a Judge. For background and meaning of this eminent principle see the attached memo, prepared by Tom Reker, temporary Research assistent for the project. July 2013 - Judicial Independence

2013-07-doc9 Insolad Jaarboek 2013

For the Dutch Insolad Jaarboek 2013 (theme: Administrator and Information) I wrote an English piece on Exchange of Information in International Insolvency Cases. The book will be publised November/December 2013 Insolad Jaarboek 2013

2013-07-doc3 Collective Settlement of Mass Claims in Insolvency

Since July 1, the Act on the Collective Settlement of Mass Claims (in Dutch WCAM) also can be applicable in insolvency cases. 2012-07-11 WCAM for claims in insolvency matters