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Blog 2011

2011-09-doc1 Consolidated version EU Insolvency Regulation

After recent changes in the Annexes, listing insolvency proceedings, this is the July 2011 consolidated version of the EU Insolvency Regulation.2011-08 EU InsReg consolidated version

2011-09-doc2 Kroniek Overgangsrecht - NTBR

[Recent developments in Dutch transitional law, in relation to civil law legislation] Sedert begin 90-er jaren schrijf ik periodiek een kroniek in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Burgerlijk Recht (NTBR) over de lastige problematiek van het Overgangsrecht. De meest recente voeg ik hier in. Zij verschijnt in de november- of decemberaflevering van het blad.NTBR 2011 OVERGANGSRECHT - kroniek

2011-09-doc3 What's an "insolvency proceeding" anyway?

Based on a lecture held for an audience in the Univerity of Cologne (Germany) the written version has been send to me as a proofprint. Main subject: an analysis of Article 1(1) of the Insolvency Regulation, containing a description of "collective insolvency proceedings", its relation to the Annexes of the Insolvency Regulation and some suggestions for improvement.IILR_2011_040002_1

2011-08-doc4 Book review of Kolmann's chapter in Gottwald

In English a short chapter review of Stepahn Kolman's treatment of international insolvency law in Germany in the book Gottwald (ed.), Insolvenzrechts-Handbuch, published by Beck, Munich, 2010. The review was recently published in European Company Law.EUCL_8(4)_Book Review

2011-08-doc5 Insolvency Law - chapter in Elgar Encyclopedia

Jan Smits (ed.), Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, appeared in 2006. A second edition if forthcoming. I have updated my chapter on Insolvency Law. It should serve as a sort and general introduction into the field. The draft, unedited text is attached.2011-08-08 Elgar - 28 Insolvency law