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Blog 2009

2009-09-doc6 Bedrijfsjurist van het jaar 2009

[Chairing the Jury for Corporate counsel of the Year] Op donderdag 26 november a.s. worden in Heineken Experience aan de Stadhouderskade, Amsterdam, weer prijzen uitgereikt bij de verkiezing van Manager Juridische Zaken 2009 en Bedrijfsjurist van het jaar 2009. Ik mag dat als voorzitter van de jury doen. Nadere gegevens

2009-09-doc7 III Grants

The International Insolvency Institute ( has installed a Foundation Committee which is providing grants for scholarly work related to international and comparative insolvency law. A grant typical might be in the range of 1500 - 2500 US dollars. The co-chairs are Evelyn Biery (Fulbright & Jaworski, Houston, Texas, USA) and Leonard Gilbert (Holland & Knight, Tampa, Florida, USA). III and its Foundation Committee invite also non USA located practitioners or academics to apply for such a grant. Here is the form to use. iii-foundation-request -form-75323119_2

2009-09-doc8 In Re Stanford Int'l

The High Court of Justice on 3 July 2009, [2009] EWHC 1441 (Ch), has made a dramatic shift in appraoch in how a company's centre of main interest (COMI) is to be decided upon. The position I have taken in many of my publications (apply the 'contact with creditors' approach by accessing factors which are botch objective and ascertainable by third parties, rather than the 'head office functions' approach) now has been applied by Mr Justice Lewison: 'To the extend that I considered and applied the head office functions test in Re Lennox Holdings ..., I now consider that I was wrong to do so. Pre-Eurofood decisions by English courts should no longer be followed in this respect'. Further study needed, but an English drama is in the making!2009-july-3-in-re-stanford-intl

2009-09-doc5 Post-academische cursussen najaar in Leiden

[Post-university education (Dutch)]   Hieronder links naar een viertal PAO cursussen waaraan de Leidse afdeling Ondernemingsrecht haar bijdragen levert.

Aansprakelijkheid bij beleggingsadvies:
Leidse ActualiteitenDag Insolventierecht 2009:
Leidse ActualiteitenDag Ondernemingsrecht 2009:

2009-09-doc4 Update (in Dutch) re ALI-III project

Here is a short newsitem (in Dutch) regarding the project of American Law Institute and International Insolvency Institute, to which prof. Fletcher (London) and I are co-reporters see