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Blog 2012

2012-10-doc3 Annual meeting NACIIL on "Corporate rescue"

The Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law (NACIIL) will organise its 2nd Annual meeting on 8 November (Amsterdam, offices of Houthoff Buruma). See 2012 NVRII jaarverg Corporate rescue

2012-10-doc4 US support for cross-border cooperation in EU

In an article in ABI Journal October Pat Mears and Timothy McFadden describe positively on several best practice and guidelines for Court-to-Court Communications, I have been reporting about many times since I started this weblog (September 2006). See Maers McFadden ABI Journal October 2012

2012-10-doc5 On the Future of European Insolvency

...... that is the title of my Edwin Coe lecture next Thursday 11 October, 14.15, in Brussels, during the Annual conference of INSOL Europe's Academic Forum. See for registration 2012-07-doc9. For the updated programme see Academic Forum Updated Technical Programme as at 17 September 2012

2012-10-doc6 Vereniging voor Burgerlijk Recht - jaarvergadering

[Report on Harmonisation of Insolvency Law in Europe, with prof. Ian Fletcher, Univ College London] Harmonisation of Insolvency Law in Europe is the title of a report written by Ian Fletcher and me. It will be discussed Friday 14 December, 14.00, buidings of the Supreme Court in The Hague. See for registration (text in Dutch and English)Aankondiging Jaarverg VvB Den Haag 14 dec 2012. For some insight on the subject, see the contencts page Harmonisation of Insolvency Law in Europe - contents

2012-09-doc8 Report of Academic Forum's Nottingham conference

In this weblog I have pointed at the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe's conference in Nottingham, 28 and 29 June, see 2011-12-doc4 and 2012-07-doc9. For a short report of the conference, written by Paula Moffatt, see