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2011-09-doc6 Twee statutaire zetels?

[Comment on Dutch Court of Appeal Case] Annotatie bij Hof Leeuwarden 21 juli 2011, LJN: BR3283. Zij verschijn in november of december in JOR.2011-07-21 Hof Leeuwarden

2011-09-doc7 Ned Ver v Rechtvergelijkend en Int'l Insolventierecht

[for English, see 2011-09-doc8] Onlangs is de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Rechtsvergelijkend en Internationaal Insolventierecht opgericht. Wordt lid of steun anderszins dit initiatief. Zie 2011-09-18 Introductie NVRII

2011-09-doc8 Neth. Ass. for Comparative and Int'l Insolvency Law

[for the text in Dutch, see 2011-09-doc7] Recently the Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law has been established. Much of its work will be done in English. So become a member of provide support in any other way. 2011 NVRII invitation English

2011-09-doc5 INSOL International Scholarship

Press release of INSOL International INSOL International is pleased to present the 19th Technical Paper under its Technical Papers Series titled " The Treatment of Secured Rights in Cross-border Insolvency" written by Prof. Bob Wessels, Independent legal counsel, Dordrecht, the Netherlands; Professor of International Insolvency Law, University of Leiden; Deputy Justice at the Court of Appeal, The Hague, INSOL Scholar for Europe, Africa and Middle East region 2010 - 2011. The full paper can be viewed on our web site at This paper examines the position of a secured creditor in the event its debtor’s assets are located in a country other than where the insolvency proceedings have commenced. The focus is more on European countries and in particular UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France. It examines the EU Insolvency Regulation and the applicability of Article 5 paragraph 1 of the EU Regulation and explores how this Article has been tested in practice. The relevance of the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide and ALI-III Draft proposals are also covered in the paper. INSOL sincerely thanks Prof. Wessels for writing this informative and well-researched paper and we hope our members will find the paper useful. September 2011 See for the report the attachment Wessels Technical paper INSOL Int'l 2011  

2011-09-doc4 Intrekking Wetsvoorstel 7.13

[Withdrawel draft legislation re agreement-based partnership] Bij brief van 5 september 2011 heeft Minister Opstelten aan de Voorzitter van de Eerste Kamer laten weten Titel 7.13 (Personenvennootschap) in te zullen trekken. Zie voor de brief2011-09-05 brief PV en voor de aangepaste bijdrage voor NTBR (zie 2011-09-doc2) NTBR 2011 OVERGANGSRECHT - kroniek (2011-09-08)