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Blog 2010

2010-09-doc10 INSOL Scholar 2010-2011

For the academic period 2010-2011 I have been appointed by INSOL International (over 10.000 members worldwide) as the INSOL Scholar for Europe, Middle east and Africa. Outcomes of the work involved will be published regularly by INSOL International, as well as on this weblog. For a press release (in Dutch) see INSOL Scholar

2010-09-doc8 Wessels Insolventierecht IV

[3r edition of Administration of the estate] Als vierde boek in de derde druk van de serie Wessels Insolventierecht is door de uitgever de bewerkte tekst van Deel IV onder handen genomen. Het handelt over het beheer en het bestuur van de boedel en geeft in het bijzonder commentaar op art. 64-107 Faillissementswet. Sedert de vorige druk (2008) zijn ruim honderd rechterlijke uitspraken verwerkt. ZieJur 2008 e.v.

2010-09-doc7 Nordic Lawyers Academy - Oslo 22 October

I have been invited to speak on 'Insolvency of international groups of companies' in Oslo, during a yearly event of (mainly) Norwegian lawyers. See

2010-09-doc6 Academic Forum INSOL Europe - Vienna 13-14 October

Every autumn the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe organises its Annual conference. This time in Vienna, 13-14 October, preceeding the Annual congress of INSOL Europe itself (15-16 October). Key topics for this year are Insolvency of corporate groups, arbitration and insolvency and bank insolvency. I will chair the conference and speak on 'Secured rights in international insolvency'. Most prominent will be the launch of YAN, the Younger Academics Netwerk, in which now some 15 researchers participate. For the programme, see

2010-09-doc5 INSOL Fellowship course London 5 October

After a relative quiet Summer the periode of (international) lectures starts again. One of the first will be a 3,5 hour training (London, 5 October) , on the matter of international jurisdiction of courts to open insolvency proceedings or giving judgments or orders during those proceedings. It is a part of one of the most intensive global courses on International Insolvency, provided by INSOL International. Further information, see