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Blog 2008

2008-09-doc7 INSOL Fellowship Global Course Shanghai

The second module of the Global Practice Course of INSOL International, leading to an INSOL Fellowship for those who pass all exams, will take place 12-14 September in Shanghai. I will discuss recent develepments in international insolvency law in Europe, relating to developments in countries and to developments regarding the application of the EU Insolvency Regulation. Attached are the hand outs. NOTE: AS PER 24 SEPTEMBER 2008 DELETED.

2008-09-doc2 Interview Eurofenix

László Csia, from Hungary, interviewed me concerning several issues related to the Insolvency Regulation. Here is a draft of the proof.

2008-09-doc3 Verplichtingen van de bewindvoerder

Onder de titel "De bewindvoerder, een octopus" verschijn dit najaar een bundel artikel gewijd aan het Voorontwerp Insolventierecht. Aan mij was verzocht een aantal verplichtingen van de bewindvoerder te belichten. Zie bijgaande proef.

2008-09-doc5 Riga Lecture published

The EU Insolvency Regulation contains 5 categories of judgments for which the international jurisdiction of the court, its recognition and its enforcement in other Member States is regulated differently. The complexities of this system is recognised and courts of the highest instance of the Member States of Spain, Poland, Germany and recently the Netherlands have referred questions to the European Court of Justice. During lectures at the Riga Graduate School of Law in July these questions were discussed. For an overview, see the attached article, to be published in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Handelsrecht, september/oktober of de aflevering daarna. 

2008-09-doc6 III Grants and Awards programme

As member of the board of International Insolvency Institute (III, see I am pleased to announce the start of III's Grants and Awards Programme. Younger researchers and practitioners are encouraged to investigate the possibilities to request for funding of research or other initiatives. See  grants-and-awards-program