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Blog 2013

2013-12-doc7 Insolvency Law - student writing competition

For the sixth time the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) is organising its Law Student Writing Competition. Se for the awards and the competition rules the attachment.2014 ABI Writing Competition Flyer

2013-12-doc4 Wessels Insolventierecht 4e druk

The series Wessels Insolventierecht (Insolvency Law) originally started in 1999. The third edition of the 10 volumes was published between 2010 and 2012. For individual posts on several of these volumes consult the historic archive 2006-2013 on my website. After a period of some international research since mid 2013 I have started to work on 'Dutch' insolvency law again in the form of a fourth edition of the full series. Very soon Volume VI on composition ('Akkoord') and Volume VII on Winding-up the estate ('Vereffening') will be published by Kluwer Netherlands. Where it is to be expected that the amendments to the EU Insolvency Regulation will not be discussed by the Council prior to mid 2014, one should prepare that the final tekst of the "new" Insolvency Regulation will not be ready at the end of 2014 the publication date for Volume X (in English) on International Insolvency Law is still a matter for me to consider. Kluwer provides (in Dutch) a author's page. See for mine:

2013-12-doc5 Advocate General CJEU agrees with 'co-ordinated universality' term

On 10 September 2013 the Court of Justice of the EU's Advocate General Sarpston delivered his opinion in case C-328/12 (Ralph Schmid etc v Lilly Hertel). The Advocate General agreed with my view on the scheme of the Insolvency Regulation (with dominant main proceedings and possible parallel secondary proceedings) as being one of ‘co-ordinated universality’. The AG made a reference to my article ‘The Changing Landscape of Cross-border Insolvency Law in Europe’, Juridica International XII/2007, pp. 116 to 124. As a matter of record, the journal is published in Estonia under the auspices of the University of Tartu.2013-09-10 OPINION OF A G Sharpston C-328-12 Ralph Schmid v Lilly Hertel

2013-12-doc2 Yearbook Insolad 2013

In the recently published Yearbook of Insolad (the Dutch insolvency practitioners association) the attached article is published. It deals with some queries regarding cross-border information sharing by courts and insolvency administrators in international insolvency cases. It concludes that soft law instruments, existing and in development should be able to serve as best practices or standards. What is important is that these sets of soft law have been developed in larger groups of interested and experienced judges, academic scholars and insolvency practitioners. It is for that reason that the true aspiration for cooperation in international insolvency cases will be stimulated by explaining their use to practitioners and by educating younger generations within the spirit that the June 2012 Global Principles aim to reflect: the embodiment of what is globally perceived as the best solution in certain matters of international insolvency cases. Insolad Jaarboek 2013

2013-12-doc3 Save the Date! III 14th Annual Conference 9-10 June Mexico City

A gathering of over 200 insolvency experts (judges, practitioners, academics), often coming from over 30 jurisdictions will next year gather in Mexico City, on June 9 and 10, 2014. III 9-10 June Mexico City - Save The Date English