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Blog 2008

2008-10-doc4 Academics Forum meets 26-27 March 2009

The next first half year conference of INSOL Europe's Academic Forum will be organised in the buildings of the University of Sussex, 26 - 27 March 2009. For a short preview of the exiting programme, seeeurofenixreport7

2008-10-doc5 Dutch Guarantee Scheme published

The State of the Netherlands has published recently its Guarantee Scheme relating to 200 bn euros to assist bank which are basically sound. The scheme in principle runs until 31 December

2008-10-doc6 New book in the making: Wessels / Markell / Kilborn


As mentioned under "current projects" since 2006 I have been working together with former professor of law, now Hon. Justice Bruce A. Markell (U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Nevada, USA) to write a book. The other author is Professor Jason Kilborn, University of Michigan. This week we have send the manuscrift the the publisher, Oxford University Press, New York. The title of the work, which will be published early 2009, is: INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN BANKRUPTCY AND INSOLVENCY MATTERS. The research has been sponsered by the American College of Bankruptcy ( and the International Insolvency Institute ( This is the Table of Contents. international-cooperation-book-toc


2008-09-doc9 Consolidated version of EU Insolvency Regulation

Recently a consolidated version of the EU Insolvency Regulation has come available. The text reflects the status of 1 January 2008. The three Annexes to the Regulation have been published in their latest version, after amendments at the request of Estonia. The latest version is of July 2008. See both attachments.insreg-consolidated-text-2008-02000r1346-20080101-en1 and insreg-2008-annexes-l_21320080808en000100131

2008-09-doc10 Alumni Leiden Law School - Lecture

Attached are the notes of a lecture of Friday 26 September 2008 for an audience of alumni of the Leiden University School of Law, within the programme: "Leiden Revisited".2008-september-leiden-revisited