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2007-11-doc8 Some COMI considerations

BEAR STEARNS: RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN INSOLVENCY PROCEEDINGS IN THE US was the title of a s seminar organised by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL), London, 26 November 2007. Papers and other documents are available at the Institute's website: My presentation focused on "SOME COMI CONCERNS". It is attached.comi-considerations -26-nov-07.pdf.

2007-11-doc6 Debt restructuring and good faith

Wednesday 21 November 2008, at the Vrije University in Amsterdam, Arnoud Noordam defended his doctoral thesis Debt restucturing and good faith ("Schuldsanering en goede trouw"). I acted as his supervisor ("promotor"). His study of over 700 pages contains a summary in English, which I attach with the authors's permission. It reflects the historic development and the social-economical context of his study and summarizes seven legal systems, studied by him: USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, England and The Netherlands. summary.pdf

2007-11-doc5 CoCo Guidelines, also of interest outside EU

See for an article in one of the newsletters of the American Bankruptcy Institute the following website.

2007-11-doc4 Leids PAO over Voorontwerp Insolventiewet

[Continued legal education Pre-draft Insolvency Act] Universiteit Leiden (Juridisch PAO) organiseert twee discussiedagen over het Voorontwerp Insolventiewet (zie voorgaande berichten op dit weblog). Op 22 januari 2008 vindt de bijeenkomst plaats op het kantoor van Houthoff Buruma in Amsterdam. Op 13 februari 2008 is de dag vooral aan de positie van natuurlijke personen in het Voorontwerp gewijd. De lokatie is dan Leiden. Zie bijgaande advertentie. pao-voorontwerp-iw.pdf

2007-11-doc3 Pre-draft Insolvency Act published

Today, November 1, 2007, the Committee advising on the renewal of the Netherlands Bankruptcy Act (which Act dates from 1896) has presented to the Dutch Minister of Justice its pre-draft ("Voorontwerp Insolventiewet"). The Minister has decided to obtain reactions via internet consultation. I expect that the Committee, of which I am a member, will have the opportunity to consider these reactions and incorporate these in a final text. The Text and its Elucidation (containing over 300 pages) is in the Dutch language. See this weblog, 2007-11-doc2. Title 10 in the pre-draft introduces some 30 provisions of international insolvency law. The Netherlands, of course, for international insolvency matters in Europe is subject to the EC Insolvency Regulation. For its relationships with non-EU States however, still the prinicple of territoriality is followed. The pre-draft