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2011-01-doc1 Nieuwe druk "Verificatie" op komst

[New edition of Wessels Verification of claims to be published soon] Deze week stuur ik naar uitgever Kluwer de herziene kopij voor Wessels Insolventierecht V, 3e druk, 2011, Verificatie van schuldvorderingen. De bijgaande rechtspraak heb ik erin verwerkt.rechtspraak Deel V 3e druk

2011-01-doc2 The Future of the EU Insolvency Regulation

Responding to the European Parliament, Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission, announced in April last year, that "it is expected that the regulation will need a new facelift". On this weblog, in September 2006, I gave already then twenty suggestions for a "makeover". To make it all happen the Commission will launch a large study on this topic at the beginning of 2011, thus Mrs Reding. Very timely therefore is a one day international conference on the Future of the Insolvency Regulation, organised by RESOR, INSOL Europe and University of Utrecht, in Amsterdam 28 April 2011. It will certainly be not the only event on the issue, but surely one of the first. I have been invited to speak too. See the programme. 2011-03-28 Brochure - final