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Blog 2013

2013-01-doc6 Look Chan Ho (ed.)'s book on the Model Law reviewed

In European Company Law (ECL), 9, no. 6 (2012): 330-332 the attached book review was published.Look Chan Ho 3rd ed, 2012

2013-01-doc7 Book reviews of International Insolvency Law, 3rd ed., 2012

Until now I have seen some five book reviews of my book International Insolvency Law, 3rd ed., 2012. they were delivered by professors Omar (UK), Bufford (USA) and Varul (Estonia) and judge Mélin (France). In the first issue of the leading German law review Zeitschrift für Wirtschafsrecht  (know as: ZIP) professor Vallender provided a review. With pleasure I agree with his overall conclusion: No one can pass 'Wessels', .... be it as practitioner, judge or scholar. ZIP_02_13_Wessels (2)

2013-01-doc1 Dovenschmidt Quarterly on Global Principles

Recently I published an article re the result of the ALI-III Project "Global Principles for Cooperation in International Insolvency Cases", see also DQ_2013_01_01 1st proofs_Wessels

2013-01-doc2 Twee artikelen voor WSNP Periodiek

[Two articles in Dutch on matters concerning debt rescheduling of natural persons] Voor afleveringen van het tijdschrift WSNP Periodiek ( schreef ik twee bijdragen, die waarschijnlijk in februari en april verschijnen. Zie 2013-01-19 Wessels SCHULDEN ONDER CONTROLE en 2013-01-19 Wessels Tien jaar of mag het wat minder zijn