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2011-05-doc5 Cross-border cooperation between Courts

The topic of cross-border cooperation between courts in international insolvency cases has had my interest since early this century. Judges in France, the Netherlands and Germany are presently welcoming this possibility to efficiently provide solutions in these type of cases. In Germany draft legislation, to support courts to act internationally, is underway. See the attached article (in proof), written in English, at the request of the editorial board of the Dutch law review Tijdschrift voor Civiele Rechtspleging. TCR_2011_19_02_1e proef binnenwerk

2011-04-doc9 INSOL Europe Academic Forum - Milan conference

Early April a Leiden PhD follow, Anthon Verweij, and I delivered speeches at the Academic Forum's meeting at the University of Milan. My lecture on the needed amendments of the EU Insolvency Regulation was based on the paper, a draft version already had been published on my weblog, under 2011-03-doc8. For a Dutch press release see

2011-04-doc10 ALI-III Global Principles - Second preliminary draft

The ALI-III Project “Global Principles for Cooperation in International Insolvency Cases” is in its final stages. ALI stands for American Law Institute and III is the International Insolvency Institute. This week the Second Preliminary Draft of the Global Principles for Cooperation in International Insolvency Cases has been published. The authors are Prof. Ian Fletcher (University College London) and myself (Prof. Bob Wessels (University of Leiden, Leiden Law School, Netherlands). These Global Principles reflect a non-binding statement, drafted in a manner to be used both in civil-law as well as common-law jurisdictions, and aim to cover all jurisdictions in the world. The initial Preliminary Draft contains over 260 pages, with around 130 000 words (text including footnotes), published on my weblog under 2011-04-doc3. The present second preliminary draft covers 39 Global Principles for Coordination of International Insolvency Cases, 18 Global Guidelines for Court-to-Court Communication in International Insolvency Cases, and 23 Global Rules on Conflict of Laws Matters in International Insolvency Cases. They will be discussed June 15, 2011, during a one day seminar at Columbia University, New York. Prof. Fletcher and I value any comments on our work. Please send us your comments, criticism, sources etc. before 29 May 2010, to: Receipt of your reactions will be acknowledged. Thank you in advance for your interest.ALI-III Global Principles Second Preliminary Draft - April 2011

2011-04-doc8 International framework for insolvency of banks

In a Dutch book on the theme 'financial sector and private international law' an article from me has been published with some toughts for a (global) solution for the insolvency of multinational banks. See the attachment.2010-11-10 NIBE

2011-04-doc1 Nieuwe insolventiewet?

[Some remarks related to pre-draft new Insolvency Act in the Netherlands] Eind maart verscheen in het Financieele Dagblad over de bedenkelijke ontwikkeling van het Voorontwerp Insolventiewet.2011-02 NIEUWE INSOLVENTIEWET - fd 24 MAART 2011