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2019-01-doc4 My publications up to date

Since 1981 I have listed my publications. At that time, in the Netherlands, it was many years before there was something like a culture of listing publications, later - now standard at al law faculties - an obligation. I have alsways listed my publications out of personal interest, in private, giving numbers in chronological order of appearance, following simply the date of its publication, whether it is a small article, a book or an inaugural lecture. Following this principle for numbers as of 1 (1981) till 1461 (mid 2016), see
The physical hard copy books, reports, articles etc. of these numbers been donated in the middle of 2016 by the me to the Stichting Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection, which is a Dutch legal foundation (with an independent board), which in turn has given a large part of all these books etc. in administration to the library of the University of Leiden, see
Note that since September 2006 hundreds of blogs have been posted at
Chronologically, as of mid 2016, the following of my publications appeared as they are listed in the attached pdf.  Enjoy!