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2018-03-doc4 Insolvency Law and Corporate Restrcuturing Yearbook 2018

Once again, I think for the 11th time, the German Schultze & Braun's law firm published its Insolvency Law and Corporate Restructuring Yearbook, now Yearbook 2018. It is free downloadable via There are also German and French versions. The Yearbook touches upon interesting topics, such as 'Danish Insolvency Law: Recent developments and international aspects' from prof. Ulrik Rammeskow Bang-Pedersen. It is not easy to find information re Danish international insolvency law (opted out of the Insolvency Regulation), so this piece is welcome. Other topics, written by partners and others of the firm's Cross-border team, include the future of corporate insolvency tourism to London (after Brexit), multinational group insolvency in Europe and beyond, gains of restructuring and remarks regarding preventive restructuring proceedings, an overview of consumer insolvency proceedings and proceedings relating to the estate of a deceased (which in the Netherlands is not an insolvency proceeding rather a proceeding under the laws of inheritence). Thus, some recent insolvency information, as support for practice or study.