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2017-12-doc9 Three 'French' publications

Honoured to have contributed three times this year to 'French' (2 from France, one from Belgium) publications. These are the subjects:

We Can Work it Out: Cross-border Judicial Cooperation in Insolvency Cases in the EU,
in: Yves Brulard (ed.), L’insolvabilité nationale, européenne et internationale, Tome 1, Le règlement européen du 20 mai 2015, Limal: Anthemis, 2017, pp. 289-320.

Improving courts’ performance in restructuring and insolvency proceedings in the EU,
in: Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Luc Vallens. Liber Amicorum, Issy-les-Molineau: 2017, pp. 389-399.

European Law Institute’s project on Rescue of Business in Insolvency Law,
in: Andra Cotiga-Raccah et al. (ed.), Le nouveau droit européen des faillites internationales, Bruxelles: Larcier 2018, pp. 107-126.