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2017-11-doc6 website and blog work again!

The last few days I received a few e-mails asking what happened to my website. As a matter of fact, it has been down since Friday 17 until this afternoon, Wednesday 22 November. My provider told me that from or via my site over 10.000 emails were sent because my site had been hacked. Evidently, if you were bothered with receiving such an email, please delete it. Result, my website (with the blog, from which you can also take a free subcription to receive recent blogs) has been restored and refreshed. All my blogs (I started over 11(!) years ago with the judgments of the District Court in Amsterdam dated 11 August and 17 August 2006 in the Yukos case and my most recent one on Rembrandt's banckruptcy in 1656 and some unanswered question in this case) can be read or downloaded again. My sincere gratitude to Hans Huisman of Avant Webdiensten in Papendrecht ( for their excellent work and guidance to me in becoming acquianted in the operation of my blog!