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2016-12-doc7 Nice words for ELI project

The latest newsletter of the European Law Institute (ELI) was published yesterday. It contains the announcement of the ELI European Young Lawyers Award, a retrospective of 2016 and information about upcoming events, including the ELI Annual Conference 2017. The current ELI Projects are highlighted, including Rescue of business in insolvency law, led by Stephan Madaus and me. Prof. Christiane Wendehort, vice-present of ELI, mentions our ‘first generation’ ELI project, that is entering its closing phase. The project is, she notes: 'I ... dare say, yielding stunning results: ... the work of a network chaired by Bob Wessels and Stephan Madaus will greatly help in providing a better legal environment for the rescue of businesses in distress.' Nice words, on the day that Stephan and I were discussing our second to last chapter.newsletter-n-d-2016