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Welcome /  Blog /  2015-12-doc16 TRI Leiden newsletter December 2015

2015-12-doc16 TRI Leiden newsletter December 2015

Turnaround, Rescue and Insolvency Research Team (TRI Leiden) is a multi-disciplinary group active in all matters of restructuring and insolvency. An update with its finalised and current research projects and activities over the past few months can be found in TRI Leiden's December 2015 newsletter. These include: EU Cross-Border Insolvency Coourt-to-Court Principles, next steps in harmonisation of rules on business rescue in Europe, proposal for guidelines for turnaround en restructuring professionals, comparative proposals to reform Chapter 11 US Bankruptcy Code, a new initiative on 'second chance', a seminar and a PhD on sovereign debt restructuring, and - evidently - publcations and (four!) book presentations. You can view this newsletter online at: Enjoy reading! I wish all readers of my blog a joyful festive season and I will be back in January.