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2014-12-doc9 My 5 best articles in 2014

Two weeks ago I was asked to select five of my 'best' articles published in 2014. Fortunately 'best' is subjective enough to come to a personal choice (out of selection were my publications in the Dutch language). These five are: - 'Treatment of Tax Claims in International Insolvencies: Europe and Beyond', in: J.G. Princen e.a. (red.), De Curator en de Overheid, INSOLAD Jaarboek 2014, Deventer: Kluwer 2014, pp. 207-227 (see this blog 2014-09-doc6); - the paper 'Towards a Next Step in Cross-border Judicial Cooperation', a piece to read within the JudgeCo project, to improve cross-border judicial cooperation, funded by the European Commission and the International Insolvency Institute (III) and distributed to over 100 judges in Europe (see 2014-12-doc6); - the paper on Business rescue in Europe - Setting the Scene, a backgound sketch for those engaged in the Business rescue project under the aegis of the European Law Institute (see 2014-12-doc7); - 'On the future of European Insolvency Law', the INSOL Europe Academic Forum’s 5th Edwin Coe Lecture, in: Rebecca Parry (ed.), European Insolvency Law: Prospects for Reform, INSOL Europe, Nottingham Paris, 2014, pp. 131-158 (reprinted in International Insolvency Law Review 2014/3, pp. 310-332 (see this blog 2014-11-08); - My valedictory lecture 'Teaching and Research in International Insolvency Law: Challenges and Opportunities', published in a short version on this blog (2014-04-doc10). Its full hard copy version has been distributed a few weeks ago. It is also attached. Valedictory Wessels - final Valedictory Wessels Cover - final By the way, for my future activities and publications, follow this blog (you can subscribe to it for free by providing the required information at the bottom on the right 'Follow').