2017-10-doc2 Bottle of German wine?

Today, October 2, 2107, the management of SSRN’s eLibrary (Social Science Research Network, see www.ssrn.com) writes to me that the paper, “INSTRUMENT OF THE EUROPEAN LAW INSTITUTE – RESCUE OF BUSINESS IN INSOLVENCY LAW”, was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for the Corporate Governance & Law eJournal: “As of 02 October 2017, your paper has been downloaded 99 times.” That’s great news, as (1) it’s rather odd to have the paper (a 400 pages report, see https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3032309, as well as http://bobwessels.nl/2017/09/2017-09-doc3-eli-business-rescue-report-published/) listed under ‘corporate governance’, rather than ‘law’, but more importantly that my colleague and co-reporter, professor Stephan Madaus, owes me a bottle of good German wine, as we made a bet for such a bottle if in 3 months after the presentation of our report (which was September 6, so: per December 6, 2017) it would have been downloaded from the ssrn website (mind you, only that website!) 100 or more times. With 99 downloads in less than 4 weeks (none of them was mine, no manipulation on this side!) I am confident a bottle is coming my way! For the real lawyers: which law applies to a cross-border gamble between a German and Dutch professor, only orally concluded in Vienna, Austria, with alcohol as a subject?

Note, the picture is taken by Theun Okkerse, ‘View of Dordrecht seen from Papendracht, The Netherlands’, 2016, used as cover of our (Dutch) book Divers Dordrecht, Verhalen over de stad, see



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