2017-04-doc4 EIR 2015 and Memo07 – The undertaking

A deliberative public participatory drafting process. Curious what it is? It’s my invitation to contribute with providing sources or comments to the development of the 4th edition of my book Wessels International Insolvency Law: Part II European Insolvency Law. See for what it entails http://bobwessels.nl/2017/01/2017-01-doc13-wessels-intl-insolvency-law-part-ii-lets-go/. This process started in January. As I am nearing the final stage of my writing and editing of the full text of the book, this is my second-to-last invitation to contribute. This time it concerns the magic concept of ‘a unilateral undertaking’ (Dutch: ‘de unilaterale toezegging‘; German: ‘eine einseitige Zusicherung‘; French: ‘un engagement unilatérale‘) in the meaning of Article 36 EIR 2015. This article contains 11 paragraphs and the attached Memo07 only concerns Article 36(1) (already over 3500 words in my draft). Those interested also on other topics regarding the EIR 2015 to provide me with sources of literature, precedents, court cases or additional comments to the attached draft please inform me before 1 May 2017 via info@bobwessels.nl). Memo07


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