2017-03-doc4 Part II Memo04 – EIR 2015 and the Annexes

Further to my invitations, expressed on my blog www.bobwessels.nl, go to 2017-01-doc13, to participate in developing my book International Insolvency Law, Part II, please see attached the fourth memo, this time related to the definition of ‘collective proceedings’ in the meaning of Article 1(1) EIR 2015 in its relation to Annex A (and the proceedings listed in it) and the troublesome way of changing the Annexes A and B, with as a recent example Regulation (EU) 2017/353 of early March 2017. Responses please before 27 March to info@bobwessels.nl. I thank those authors that reacted to earlier memos, by quality responses or by sending forthcoming articles. This all contributes to the quality of the publication!Memo04


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